New River, 2007

In 2007, I took my second ever away from home vacation by myself. I went to the New River valley in West Virginia. My first morning, I got up at dawn and raced from my motel to the main lookout. The river valley was full of fog with only the tops of the ridges showing. It was late September which I had expected to show some fall color, but it was hot instead. The fog formed off the cool waters of the deep valley and rose to the top where the warm air was. Some fog did condense higher and drifted across the newly risen sun.

It was the like dawn of creation when things were still becoming out of the mists of creation and the light and power of the Spirit drifted over the face of the deep, robed in cloud, too glorious to be seen by mortals, not yet created.

That morning, it was a glorious thing for me to be in that spot with a camera to get that scene of the fog slowly dissipating under the sun’s light. I don’t think it’s an unusual sight in the morning at the overlook, but it was spectacular for me.


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